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We owe Japan No Apology

Today, Friday, the 65th anniversary of the atomic bomb blast that destroyed Hiroshima, in Japan, the US .ambassador, for the first time, joined Japanese officials at a ceremony at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial. This which was a good thing.

A writer in the British base blog "The Independent," wrote-- "At last we’ve apologized for Hiroshima – well, sort of. We’ve recognized the suffering our atom bombs caused –well, kind of. President Obama was showing off his anti-nuclear credentials in the killing grounds of Hiroshima, but this was not to be confused with saying sorry."

What?! We owe Japan no apology. Japan owes us an apology for Pearl Harbor. (Japan attacked us.). Let Japan apologize for its occupation of the Philippines, then an US protectorate. (Japan attacked our protectorate). Japan should apologize for the harsh occupation and the daily atrocities that her imperial troops inflicted upon the people of the Philippines. (Japan committed atrocities against a people who were still under the protection of the United States). Japan should apologize for the brutal treatment American and allied prisoners of war received in Japanese prison camps. (Japan committed war crimes against our POWs). Japan should apologize for Nanking, for the savagery inflicted upon our Chinese allies. (Japan committed war crime against our friends and allies). Let Japan apologize to the people of the Pacific for the hundreds of other Nankings. (Japan committed war crimes throughout Asia)

Two final thoughts on this topic: First, yes, nuclear weapons are weapons of horror, and we should do everything that we possibly can to see that they are never used on people again. Second, I have no doubt that if Japan had developed the bomb first, she would have used it against us,